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The Breezi Chair is not only a swivel chair, but also perfectly positionable for every posture and length. In this way the chair adapts to the child and not the other way around.

Thanks to the stable footrest, the child's feet are supported and can sit comfortably and safely at the correct height, with the elbows at table height.

The upper body is supported by the backrest. By adjusting the depth of the seat, there is always perfect support for the upper body.
This gives you a natural and comfortable sitting position in all circumstances.

Contact us for more information about the options and prices.

See the full (price) list of options here

FYI: for disabled children, an allowance from the VAPH can be obtained up to and including 801 euros.


There are 3 basic models:
Teezi Breezi is the smallest model and intended for use at a lower table
Breezi High Chair is the standard model
Breezi Max is the widest version and intended for adolescents

Advantages of the Breezi series

  • Integrates with wooden furniture
    • The Breezi range integrates with furniture, so that it can be used anywhere at home or at school, so that the child feels comfortable.
  • Adjustable seat plate and foot plate
    • With simple height and depth adjustments, the Breezi can grow with the child and can be adjusted to changes in posture.
  • Wide range of accessories
    • The Breezi range can be adjusted with a huge range of posture and mobility accessories. From seat cushions, pommels, belts, mobility skis, etc.,
      The Breezi chair can always be adapted to the needs of the child

Numerous options are provided for all special needs:
• front table
• extra positioning material such as abduction spool, hip and head rest, corner seat and raised back
• safety features with a wide choice of fixation belts, increased support surface
• mobility through mobile bases
• extra comfort through numerous adapted pillows

By choosing the right accessories, every Breezi thus becomes a unique and individually adapted chair.
• maximum load: 75 kg

How do I select the right model?

Breezi seats are available in the Teezi, Breezi and Max sizes. Teezi has the shortest chair leg, Breezi is medium and Max has the highest chair leg.

The legs of Teezi, Breezi and Max have notches cut at the same level, so the height of the legs determines the placement of the backrest, the seat plate and the foot plate to maintain a good posture.

The height of the chair legs can be determined by taking into account two important factors - the height of the child and the work surface on which the child sits.


  • A young / small child may need the highest chair legs (Max) if they have to sit at home at a high dining table due to the height of the work surface.
  • A larger child may have the shortest chair legs (Teezi) if their work surface is very low.

How do I select the correct width of the chair?

The Breezi series allows a high degree of adjustability, which means that it is possible to swap the different seat widths between the different leg heights.

The great thing about this system is that the seat can be adjusted to the needs of the child, unlike other standard seats.

How do I select the correct depth of the foot and seat support?

The depth of the seat and foot plate is important to allow time to grow. We offer a range of seat and footboard depths in Teezi, Breezi and Max to ensure that the child can sit properly. See the order sheet for the options.


The Breezi series comes with two standard backrests, suitable for children who do not need upper body supports. The rear rails are also available with an option for a high backrest with two different configurations upright and upside down. The upright position increases the height of the back, making a more suitable attachment point for shoulder harnesses possible. The inverted position fills in the gap between the back and the seat plate, which benefits both positioning and comfort. As the child grows, the back can be moved to the upright position.


Hip supports are used to provide support for the pelvis. They also act to prevent abduction of the thigh. Thigh protectors can be used on the seat plates to adjust the width for a smaller child and then be removed as the child grows.

We offer two sizes of thigh protection: short and long. The long one is used on the deeper seat plates. See the order sheet for the options.


The pommel is used as part of the better positioning of the lower body to separate the legs or the thigh area (abductors). It helps to improve hip alignment, correctly position the pelvis and promote better posture. They are often misused as a means to prevent the user from sliding forward in the seat. A lap belt must be used to stabilize the pelvis and prevent slipping.

On the Breezi, pommels can either be mounted directly on the seat plate through a drilled hole, or they can be mounted on a quick release mounting (fixation system), which is attached to the bottom of the seat plate and can be quickly removed, especially during transfers. See the order sheet for the options.

20170331 091734 Edit

Stabilizing the pelvis is important, but the need for natural movement is equally necessary. It is very important to correctly position and support the pelvic region of a child, because as children grow, a poorly positioned pelvis can arise, which can lead to the development of spinal malformations and vice versa.

Sitting is a functional activity, therefore a belt must act as a support and not as a restriction.

The Breezi chairs are designed to hold positioning belts in the right place. See the order sheet for the options.


Proper head placement is vital, but weak trunk muscles may mean that a person trying to reach may not be able to return to a neutral balanced position.

Hence, dynamic secondary supports such as the 4-point harness are valuable aids that provide a certain degree of elasticity, thereby helping the trunk to return to a neutral position. See the order sheet for the options.

Breezi Cornerback

The corner seat is designed to provide lateral support to the trunk, in other words, to hold the upper trunk in place when there is a tendency to lean or fall to the side. The standard corner seat is suitable for most people.

To be able to mount a 4-point shoulder harness a longer backrest is needed, for which a high angle seat is a good option. The narrow corner back is especially for younger children.

All corner supports have padding that matches the other upholstered items of the chair. See the order sheet for the options.


The high back cushion can be mounted on the high backrest, which increases the height of the back. It is used as a headrest or when the child tends to roll his head back.

It has a slightly curved surface and feels soft. See the order sheet for the options.

For children who from time to time need to be able to rest their heads while sitting, we offer an additional headrest. It is important to point out that this is not intended as a headrest, that is, to properly support the head, it is really just a rest.

It is available with or without "side supports", which act as an effective stop when the head wanders to the side. See the order sheet for the options.

Breezi Chest Strap

This chest belt is finished in the same material as the other upholstered items on the chair. The chest strap is designed to guide the corner back and is mounted behind the corner support itself.

The free-standing chest belt can be mounted directly into the standard or high backrest of the Breezi through a single hole.

Other options: ORDER FICHE BREEZI CHAIR and see the full (price) list here

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Synonyms: High chair, trip stairs

trip trap tripp trap trip trap

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Breezi Chair - growth chair
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