Day and night car flap

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+ Protects against low sun and oncoming traffic. Easy to attach on the sun visor + Ideal for night blindness>>...More information
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Product information
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Clickable day and night view flap for the car.

  • No problems with the lamps of oncoming traffic
  • Road markings more visible
  • Contributes to road safety
  • Night vision and awning
  • Hi Tech Technology
  • Easy installation in every vehicle

This Day and night view valve contains 2 high-tech screens:

With the awning you always have a clear view in your car during the day. The awning prevents glare and enhances the colors. This improves the brightness and creates an optimized quality of the image.

Night Vision Screen:
With the special yellow Night Vision screen you have better visibility at night than ever. The light that people perceive consists of different colors of light that together form the color that we see. The Night Vision valve ensures that especially the most annoyingly experienced bright blue light is neutralized. This makes the bright headlights of the oncoming traffic that you encounter at night much less disturbing. In addition, the markings applied to the road become more clearly visible and with heavy rainfall, heavy snow showers and thick fog, the vague contours are much sharper. All this contributes to the road safety of yourself and your fellow road users.

The day and night vision valve is very easy to install in any vehicle as an extension to the sun visor.

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Day and night car flap
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