Digital calendar clock with LCD screen

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A handy digital calendar clock. Many people with early dementia have difficulty remembering which day of the week it is. To help them these special clocks have been developed. Also very suitable for people with poor vision. ...More information
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Product description

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Digital Calendar clock.

A handy clear digital calendar clock with day, month, year, and time indication making it very suitable for people with poor vision. The clock is specially designed for people suffering from Alzheimer's or early dementia because the clock automatically indicates the day, date and time. Furthermore, the clock contains an LED screen with illuminated letters and numbers. However, these LEDs are dimmed between 19:00 and 7:00.

Setting the calendar clock is also very simple via a clear and easy selection menu.
White letters and black background in a high contrast ensure that the time and date remain legible even in the sun.

A screen size of 8 inches (20 cm diagonal) and a non-reflecting LCD screen to be able to read the time and date from a distance.

Equipped with the latest technology and with 8 languages.
Very nicely designed with very clear date and time.
Ideal size (21.7 cm by 17.3 cm) to stand (by means of a support at the back) or to hang on the wall.

In addition, the display is dimmed between 7 o'clock in the evening and 7 o'clock in the morning.

All features of the digital calendar clock:

  • To switch to 12 or 24 hour system;
  • Languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Welsh;
  • Easy to read screen, also during the day;
  • Built-in stand for on the table;
  • Can be used both hanging and standing;
  • Can be used immediately after connection to the power socket, in addition no additional settings are required;
  • The adapter for connection to the socket is included;
  • 8 inch screen (20 cm diagonal);
  • Sizes frame: 217 mm Wide, 173 mm high, 25 mm thick (with collapsed stand);
  • Cable length 180 cm;
  • Does not make any noise during use;
  • Brightness drops automatically in the evening (19:00) and up again in the morning (07:00) for optimal comfort;
  • Does not switch automatically between summer and winter time.

Many people with dementia struggle to remember which day of the week it is. To help them, these special clocks have been developed.


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