Floating table with suction cup

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Health – Lower risks of heart diseases
Strong – Robust design
Happy – Natural light improves your mood

By using NOTADESK, you are stepping away from a number of health concerns that a traditional desk can bring you. Such as, obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, and so on. This product will change your general energy level by helping you alternate sitting and standing anywhere.

The presence of a natural light and being away from background noises reduce stress, improve your focus and increase your serotonin level. NOTADESK brings you the possibility of spending your day the best possible way.


On average, professionals have only two opportunities per week to work on one intellectual task completely undisturbed for three quarters of an hour. Fourteen percent only had one opportunity a week and fourteen percent had no opportunities at all. Abraham Lincoln said,
“Give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening my axe.”  These brainworkers are constantly chopping down trees without sharpening their intellectual axe first by taking time to think and by going offline to give their archiving brain a chance.

Interruption is a burden of concentration. That’s why great minds have always had such a strong aversion to disruption as something that interrupts and distracts their thoughts. And above all, they hate the violent interruption of noise. (Arthur Shopenhauer, about noise, 1851)

Thirty minutes of uninterrupted work is ten times more efficient than ten three-minute periods alternated with other tasks. Does your job require concentration? Then take the phone test. If you can hear colleagues calling, you’re in the wrong office.


It is worth to note that the included suction cup leaves no marks and will last upon 2 years on a single installation. However it is recommended to unmount the cup when not in use in order to extend its lifetime.  The purpose of the suction cup is to use it at a window so you can enjoy the natural light and the view, however for those who do not have the appropriate windows it is worth to check NOTADESK 2 or NOTACUBICLE. The suction cup is ISO certified and these same rubber pads, made by the same supplier, are also used to move heavy stones. The whole deck can easily carry up to 20 kg.  The included strap and clip allows you to fit the deck to a tree. The shade provided by the tree will eliminate the reflection caused by the sun on your screen. It is breathtaking to work outside with a fresh breeze in your hair and the sounds of birds surrounding you.


The deck is crafted out of 3 layer thick bamboo and is big enough to carry any laptop size and still have enough space to put your smartphone. It can be used in 3 different ways. You can use it as lap desk when seated or at a laptop stand when you are at a table. Last but not least, you could also mount it at your window using the suction cup or at a tree using the clip and the strap. In this way it can function as a table or a standing desk.

Last but not least, a small rubber placemat is included too, in this way your coffee or phone will not slide on the inclined surface.
We made the surface inclined to reduce the stress on your neck as this is the number one ergonomic concern.

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Floating table with suction cup
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  • In stock (5)
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€149,00 €139,00