INMU - musical sensory product

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+ Winner of Danish design award 2018
+ Specially developed for people with Alzheimer's
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Product information
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An INMU is a musical sensory product that uses music to stimulate the senses for relaxation and socialization.

The Inmu has the shape of a small cushion that is easy to wear and easy to use. It is designed to become part of the daily routine in the care of people with dementia, for example. The Inmu is most effective if it is part of a routine.
There are no buttons or cables that need to be attached before use and all technology is safely hidden in the Inmu.

An inmu does not need bluetooth, speakers or anything else to use. There is no app and no remote control and no buttons. Just touch and it starts playing and communicating with you.

An Inmu is a worthy, elegant and valuable tool to support healthcare staff, family members and users. We recommend that you place the Inmu in a central location so that everyone can see it, in the immediate vicinity of the users. For example on a chair or the table. Or you can sit down with the Inmu, focusing the user's attention on the music, the vibrations and the material.

Form, colors, fabric and the tangible elements are combined to stimulate the senses and encourage the user to touch the Inmu. The interactive music and vibrations stimulate and motivate the user to continue playing with it. Blind and deaf users can also benefit positively from the Inmu, because the vibrations follow the music and the tangible elements stimulate many senses. The outer cover of the Inmu can be washed.

Inmu Relax

The music is soft and meditative. The inmuRELAX has a soft sound pulse that can be felt in your fingers or when it is held against the chest. This helps the demented person to feel his or her own body and to find a quiet moment. Even if you can't hear the music.
The inmuRELAX reduces nervousness and restlessness in people with dementia. In situations that feel uncomfortable, the stress level can be lowered and the activity can be calmer. It also helps to fall asleep and ensures a better night's sleep.

Inmu Dance

With the rhythmic beats of intensity you are excited and motivated to move. The Inmu has a musical universe that develops as you move more.

Combined with pleasant vibrations, it makes multi-sensory stimulation possible. The music is inspired by the 60s and the Bossa Nova, while you move, touch and swing the Inmu.

inmuDANCE has been developed for people with dementia, but is also suitable for people with disabilities and children.

A fully charged battery keeps the INMU awake for about 2 weeks.

Order options:

  1. Inmu Relax - Blue Melange
  2. Inmu Relax - Sand Melange
  3. Inmu Relax - Rose Melange
  4. Inmu Dance



RELAX inmu

Relaxing music, soft vibrations and tactile details help you to calm down and find peace in body and soul.

inmu DANCE

Bright colors, cheerful music and attractive tactile details stimulate the senses and let you move.


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INMU - musical sensory product
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