Incontinence material

Incontinence material
Incontinence material

Incontinence means that a person has difficulty stopping urine and / or feces , the subject of incontinence is therefore not always discussed quickly.

Yet there are more people with incontinence problems than you might think, and this also occurs in all age groups. In Belgium, about 5 out of every 100 Belgians suffer from urine loss . That is why there are a lot of types of incontinence material that you can find here.

Often incontinence material is divided according to their absorbency. So you have drop loss, mild urine loss, moderate loss of urine, heavy loss of urine and complete loss of urine. These absorption levels are shown in scales on the packaging and sometimes they are also represented via colors.

Generally there are three major types of incontinence material.

  1. Inlays
  2. Pull-up trousers / incontinence pants
  3. Mattress protectors / bed pads