Diaper booklets / incontinence pants

Diaper booklets / incontinence pants
Diaper booklets / incontinence pants

Incontinence can occur at a young age, but it is still primarily an aging phenomenon .

Both men and women can suffer from incontinence, but twice as often in women as in men . It is estimated that about 5% of men have some form of incontinence against about 15% of women. In women over 50 this would amount to 20 to 40%, above 70 years even 50 to 70%.

Urinary incontinence is not a disease and can not really hurt itself, but it is very annoying . The approach differs according to the type and severity of the incontinence.

A very popular incontinence dressing is the diaper pants. Some people find it more comfortable to use pants instead of bandages. Diaper pants look like normal underwear and give a feeling of protection that makes you feel less insecure. Here, too, a distinction is made between men and women. It looks like a women's briefs or boxer shorts for men. The pants are absolutely recommended for heavier urine loss.

Pants are available in different versions and are in most cases disposable material, but there are also plastic pants in which a connection is made and these are reusable.

The right material choice is also important for pants. Your lifestyle and the degree of incontinence determine which pants are best for you. It is very important that the pants fit well on the stomach and legs so that you do not have to worry about leakage. Pants are available in different sizes, choose the right one!

Again, it is not advisable to use a panty in a pants, this only increases the risk of leakage.