Rapid tester Covid-19

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Product information
  • Article number: ST-1|R2

Certified Corona rapid test (Antigen test, same type as purchased by the Belgian government)

Per Unit:

Fast and reliable test results in just 15 min.

  • All test items, including a sterile cotton swab, are included
  • High specificity> 99.76%
  • High sensitivity 96.62%
  • Extraction tubes already filled
  • Test results in just 15 minutes
  • BfArM listed
  • To be used only by trained medically trained persons!

View the manual here .


1 box with 20 test cassettes contains: 

  • 20 test cassettes
  • 20 sterile cotton swabs
  • 20 extraction tubes incl. Drip caps
  • 2 buffer bottles
  • 1 reagent container
  • 1 user manual
  • 20 tests / pack

Manual: only to be used by trained medically trained persons!

The COVID-19 antigen rapid test delivers highly accurate results in minutes, costs only a fraction of a PCR test and saves laboratory capacity. The COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test - a Chromatographic Immunoassay in Lateral Flow Format - tests for protein fragments of the virus and thus for its direct physical presence in the body.

It is performed with a swab of the mouth and nasal cavity . This is enriched in a buffer solution and then pipetted onto the test cassette. A qualitative result is available in less than 20 minutes. The diagnostic sensitivity is 97.56% (ct value: 20–30), the diagnostic specificity is> 99.9%. This means that positive results from antigen tests are very accurate.

However, as there is always a residual risk of a false negative result, when in doubt, it is recommended to perform a PCR test to confirm negative results. There is therefore no exclusion procedure between antibody, antigen and PCR tests. Rather, its combined use is tactically sensible.

  • High specificity (> 99.9%)
  • High sensitivity with high virus load: 97.56% (ct-value: 20–30)
  • Easy to implement
  • Fast and reliable test results in just 15 minutes
  • Can be performed with nasal and oropharyngeal samples
  • Test storage at room temperature
  • All test items - including sterile cotton swabs - are included
  • No cross-reactivity with human pathogenic coronaviruses (such as hCoV-229E, -HKU1, -NL63 or -OC43) or influenza viruses (such as influenza A / B) Rapid detection of Corona virus nucleoprotein antigens
  • Test result known after 15 minutes
  • Nose or throat swab
  • 2% false negative
  • 0.01% false positive
  • CE certified
  • Immediately available
  • 20 rapid tests per box
  • Reference customers: Belgian, Dutch and German governments
  • Within 15 minutes you will know whether someone is infected or not via a sample from the nose / throat.
  • The same test kits were purchased by the Belgian and Dutch governments.
  • Unlike many other tests, these have been approved by the Belgian government.


Test certificates can be found here:


* Due to quality reasons, there is no return option for diagnostic tests.

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