Repose® - Heel protectors: 1 pair + pump

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The Repose range offers a unique and simple solution to efficiently redistribute or release pressure (floating heels) and to contribute to the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.


The Repose heel protector covers the foot and calf of the patient but is not fully closed in a circular manner to ensure proper ventilation and inspection of the skin and blood flow. The recess under the heel guarantees a floating heel, while the calf is gently supported by 2 thick air cells. This also minimizes the pressure on the Achilles tendon.

These heel protectors are an ideal tool for the immobile, sedated or comatose patient or for lack of space at the foot of the bed.

The Repose heel protector can be attached to the leg with a light net connection or with the Magnaffix magnet fastener, depending on the version. The Repose heel protector can also be supplied with or without an opening under the heel (Repose heel protector plus, see webshop) for visual inspection and extra ventilation of the foot.

Optimizing preventive measures results in a substantial decrease in pressure ulcer incidence and prevalence and is also cheaper than treating pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers is seen as an important indicator of the quality of care. Certainly the heel ulcer, since in most cases heel ulcer can be prevented by floating the heels.

The prevention of pressure ulcers is mainly based on two principles. The first principle is to minimize the magnitude of the pressure and the shear force. The aim here is to create as large a contact area as possible so that the pressure is spread and redistributed. A second principle is to reduce the duration of the tax. For the prevention of heel dubitus, these principles are best realized by the technique of the floating heels, precisely because heels are so easy to lay floating. Pressure and shear forces are completely eliminated and the duration of the load no longer plays a role. Research shows that the technique
of floating heels in high-risk patients is an effective method to prevent and heal heel ulcers.

The prevalence figures for heel pressure ulcers in Belgium are nevertheless impressive: one pressure ulcer in three appears at the heel! That is why the current pressure ulcers guidelines are so clear. Both in the guideline for prevention and in the guideline for treatment, a separate recommendation is formulated for the heels:

"The use of aids that allow the heels to float completely, in combination with an underlayer with pressure-relieving property, is recommended for individuals at risk of developing pressure sores."

“For bedridden patients or for patients who are sitting in a chair with their feet up there must be
be chosen for aids that completely free the heels. This is done by distributing the weight of the leg over the calf, without causing extra pressure on the Achilles tendon. The knee must be supported and have a slight bend of 5 to 10 °. "

Experience and good practice are unanimous: heels must float. This is always the best prevention and treatment of heel decubus! Repose offers three tools, designed to promote pressure relief specifically at the heels: the Repose Wedge, Flex and the heel protectors.

Repose is simple and durable Repose consists of air-filled and interconnected membranes made of polyurethane film. The 50 µm thin polyurethane is extremely elastic: it can be stretched up to six times without tearing or losing its elasticity. The combination of air and polyurethane film guarantees the best possible pressure redistribution through embedding (immersion) and enclosure (envelope).

Repose is the perfect product to increase the contact area between the body and the bottom layer as much as possible. The material is breathable and temperature neutral. This creates an optimal microclimate. The unique Repose pump ensures that every device is inflated with the correct pressure. The patented 'Smart Valve' technology guarantees an internal pressure of 12 mmHg in the Repose.

This is the optimum value for pressure redistribution and clinical effectiveness through slump and enclosure. The pump also serves as a packaging for Repose.

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Repose® - Heel protectors: 1 pair + pump
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€216,60 €180,17