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+ Digital calendar clock with adjustable analog or digital clock, current day, day part and date. + The calendar clock with agenda function provides structure, foothold and clarity to the dementia and informal caregivers through a remotely managed agenda...More information
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Product information
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Calendar clock with calendar function; Dayclocks.

The calendar clock with calendar function is a standing digital clock that you can set to analog or digital time.

Optionally, the year or time can also be indicated.
It is also possible to display the day parts 'Morning' - 'Afternoon' - 'Evening' - 'Night' as an option.

Structure is very important for someone with dementia because they want to know when the help comes along, or when it is dinner time, or when the grandson or granddaughter comes by for a visit. You can then send a message via telephone, computer or tablet. The Dayclock also gives a notification that can be set on multiple repetitions.
For this purpose this calendar clock also has the agenda function available with which you enter activities via the website which are then shown on the DayClock.

An activity consists of a text line that appears at the top of the screen at the set time. (for example we come to drink a cup of coffee)
It is also possible to link a photo to an activity. (for example an image of a cup of coffee) This way the message becomes even clearer.

Unlimited use of the agenda function is included in the price for the first 6 months. After this period, unlimited use of this internet function costs only € 3, - per month.

The DayClock calendar clock is available in matt white and is therefore suitable for any interior.
With the robust holder the DayClock stands firmly on every surface. The adapter is of course included.
After repairing a possible power outage, the clock resets itself to the current day indication.

This calendar clock is based on an Android Tablet with special software.
If you no longer need the functionality of the clock, you can carry out the factory reset. This tablet can then be used as a regular Android tablet.

Calendar function for the calendar clock;

  • Managing calendar remotely via the internet;
  • Multiple users / administrators possible;
  • Own text message on the correct date and time;
  • Free choice of presentation color per calendar notification;
  • A sound alarm with the calendar notification;
  • A picture with the agenda notification;
  • Photo on the screen instead of time;
  • First 6 months included in the price;
  • After this 6 months only € 3, - per month.

Advantages of the calendar clock with agenda function;

  • • Relieves and supports informal caregivers by enabling remote management of agenda and photos.
    • More grip on the day because on the DayClock next to the time, the appointments of the user appear for the day; these are motivated by the informal caregiver (s).
    • Log in via laptop, computer and also Smartphone (android and ios)
    • Besides the fact that the photos can be combined with the agenda function, you can also choose only photos on the screen. The faces of family and photos of the environment provide a bit of recognition and memories on days with a quiet planning.
    • More grip on day and week because the Dayclock can clearly display the day parts (morning, afternoon, evening, night) and the weekdays; you set this up according to your personal preferences,
  • More insight into the time through a clear display, in a way that the user prefers; the DayClock can indicate the time analogue or digital or in both ways.


Calendar clock with calendar function Information:

The clock is available in 2 sizes:

  • 7 inch (17.8 cm screen diagonal and 18 x 12 cm outer size)
  • 10 inch (25.4 cm screen diagonal and 26 x 17 cm outer size)
    (recommended for readability)

Other characteristics:

  • Adjustable to analog or digital time display;
  • Adjustable time, date, day and part of the day;
  • Sturdy feet included;
  • Available in 2 sizes;
  • Based on Tablet with Android;
  • Is no longer necessary? Reset to factory settings returns to a normal tablet.

Watch the video here for a good picture of the calendar clock:


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Calendar clock with calendar function Dayclocks
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