Talking picto wall (interactive wall)

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+ The talking pict wall (interactive wall) is an easy and fun resource for getting to know and recognize pictures.

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Product information
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The talking pict wall (interactive wall) is an easy and fun resource for getting to know and recognize pictures. Very personal through own pictures and own recorded text. Easy to adapt to themes such as winter - spring - summer - autumn - holidays etc.

Talking picto wall.

The talking icon wall (interactive wall) is a perfect resource for example in the classroom. But also be sure to use it in a nursing home or at home. Place cards, objects or drawings in the boxes. Include a message of up to 30 seconds. By pressing the button under the picto (image) you will hear the recorded text. This resource is easy for everyone to use, because the messages are easy to record and play. The pictures are also easy to change.

This talking picto wall, also known as Interactive Wall, has room for 30 tickets with corresponding speech of 30 seconds each.

Some ideas for the use of the talking icon wall;

  • Pictures for recognizing, for example, family members or objects;
  • Making a Life Book;
  • Maths sums;
  • recognize shapes;
  • Recognize objects to be used;
  • Indicating emotions, for example;
  • Rules for, for example, at home or in the classroom;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Famous people;
  • Week planner for example at school;
  • Practice alphabet;
  • And much more !!

Details of the talking icon wall (interactive wall)

  • Dimensions: 65 cm high and 53 cm wide
  • Works on 3 x AAA batteries, which have been installed for you by Memory aid.
  • 30 bags for pictos
  • 30 seconds of speech per cell
  • With shielded eyes to hang on the wall.
  • Pictos are not included.

In short, a fun, educational, playful and very useful product for young and old.

NH Posted on March 8, 2019 11:39

Picto wand is voor mij een geweldige extra “hand”in de kleuterklas. De kinderen spreken de letter van de week in en kunnen op deze manier de hele week zelfstandig werken. Cijfers, raadsels, en opdrachten ( rond bepaalde thema’s )

woordenschat oefeningen en ontdekkend lezen ( analyseren , synthetiseren) maar ook knikkers in een bak laten vallen en het juiste aantal erbij laten zoeken… mogelijkheden te over. de interactive wall voor buitengeluiden gebruiken? Kan er is een buitenversie. Wel goed afsluiten anders zijn de batterijen snel op.

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Talking picto wall (interactive wall)
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  • 2-3 delivery days
€42,75 €39,95