Repose® Care-Sit anti-decubitus seat cushion

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+ Pressure redistributing
+ Simple and durable
+ For static seats and universal wheelchairs

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Product information
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The Repose range offers a unique and simple solution to efficiently redistribute or release pressure (floating heels) and to contribute to the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.


To sit

Repose's seating systems offer effective pressure redistribution for all patients at risk of pressure ulcers or with existing pressure-related tissue damage. Thanks to the combination of the highly elastic PU material and air, an ideal pressure distribution is obtained by embedding (immersion) and enclosure (envelope). The Repose seating systems are suitable for a wide range of chairs, wheelchairs and adjustable reclining seats.

Repose Care-Sit is a unique cushion specially designed for static chairs and universal wheelchairs for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers and to minimize the risk of pressure damage.

Care-Sit combines a large number of new and unique functions that meet all the care needs of the pressure area, together with infection control and, last but not least, the needs of the patient.

Care-Sit is supplied as one cushion divided into two parts for independent back and seat support. This ensures an even pressure distribution over all pressure points for maximum comfort and care.

The chair is provided with redistributed air cell tubes with narrow pressure, surrounded on both sides by a wider air cell tube for support.

Care-Sit is available in two sizes (400 mm and 450 mm) and comes with adjustable straps at the back of the cover. The cushion can be quickly and easily attached to static seats of all shapes and sizes, as well as wheelchairs for general use.

Order options:

  • Care-Sit 45 cm: Cover + inflatable inner part + pump
  • Care-Sit 40 cm: Cover + inflatable inner part + pump
  • Care-Sit 45 cm: without cover + Inflatable inner part + pump
  • Care-Sit 40 cm: without cover + Inflatable inner part + pump
  • Inside® CS Cover for Repose® Care-Sit 40 cm (52 x 94 cm)
  • Inside® CS Cover for Repose® Care-Sit 45 cm ( 55 x 96 cm )

Repose is simple and durable

Repose consists of air-filled and interconnected membranes made of polyurethane film. The 50 µm thin polyurethane is extremely elastic: it can be stretched up to six times without tearing or losing its elasticity.

The combination of air and polyurethane film guarantees the best possible pressure redistribution through embedding (immersion) and enclosure (envelope). Repose is the perfect product to increase the contact area between the body and the bottom layer as much as possible.

The material is breathable and temperature neutral. This creates an optimal microclimate. The unique Repose pump ensures that every device is inflated with the correct pressure.

The patented 'Smart Valve' technology guarantees an internal pressure of 12 mmHg in the Repose. This is the optimum value for pressure redistribution and clinical effectiveness through slump and enclosure. The pump also serves as a packaging for Repose.

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Repose® Care-Sit anti-decubitus seat cushion
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  • In stock (2)
  • 2-3 delivery days
€584,20 €481,38