Repose® - Standard mattress

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The Repose range offers a unique and simple solution to efficiently redistribute or release pressure (floating heels) and to contribute to the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.



Proven efficiency for a broad commitment to the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. The Repose overlay mattresses offer optimum pressure redistribution to every risk patient. Experience tells us that patients are very comfortable in Repose. Certainly in very light and pain-sensitive patients.
The narrow Repose mattress overlay is very suitable for radiology, surgery or other treatment tables due to its small width.

Order options:

  • Repose® - Standard mattress topper (190 x 77 cm) + pump : Repose® - Standard mattress topper  + pump
    • This contains the mattress topper with the standard cover and the corresponding pump.
  • Repose® - Standard mattress topper (190 x 77 cm)+ cushion (45 x 45 cm) + pump:
    • This set contains the mattress topper with the standard cover, the corresponding pump and the seat cushion.
  • Repose® - Standard cover separately for mattress overlay (190 x 77 cm): 
    • If your supplied cover is broken or lost, you can order a new cover separately with this option.
  • Extra protection: Stretchable cover (207 x 87 cm) with zip for top mattress (190 x 77 cm):
    • This is an extra cover for the mattress overlay, for those who want more protection. (not included as standard with the mattress topper)




Proven efficiency for a broad commitment to the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

The Repose mattress overlay consists of 16 interconnected air chambers. This reactive tool offers an optimal pressure redistribution to every risk patient. Experience has taught us that patients are also very comfortable in Repose. Especially with very light and pain-sensitive patients ... The 2-person Repose mattress provides the opportunity for both partners to use 1 large Repose mattress together, adapted to a 2-person bed. The exceptionally high comfort also offers the partner a very good night's sleep while the pressure redistributing properties are preserved for the patient who has it

Repose twice as efficient as alternating pressure mattresses

Repose has been used for more than 25 years as a system to prevent bedsores and more than 3 million patients have already been successfully helped. In recent years, a great many scientific studies have been conducted in several countries within Europe to investigate the effectiveness of Repose in preventing
have only confirmed pressure ulcers.

• In 2013 the scientific journal WOUNDS1 will publish
the study by Van Leen et al. in which in a Dutch residential care center the Repose as a mattress on a visco-elastic foam mattress is compared with the same mattress without Repose. This cross-over RCT study showed an incidence of 22.2% on the visco-elastic foam mattress and only 5.2% on the Repose mattress overlay.
• In 2016, the Journal of Wound2, Ostomy and Continence Nursing will publish a multi-center cohort study by Serraes and Beeckman in 6 Belgian retirement homes. In this study, the pressure ulcer incidence (cat II-IV) on Repose was assessed in a large group of 176 residents over a 30-day period. The incidence was remarkably low, given the high risk profile of the patients and was 5.1%. An overview of the most important studies on the clinical efficacy of Repose
are bundled in a Compendium. Ron Legerstee, RN, Msc, moreover, based on the existing literature on Repose, put his recommendations on paper in a "Repose White Paper".


Repose is simple and durable

Repose consists of air-filled and interconnected membranes made of polyurethane film. The 50 µm thin polyurethane is extremely elastic: it can be stretched up to six times without tearing or losing its elasticity. The combination of air and polyurethane film guarantees the best possible pressure redistribution through embedding (immersion) and enclosure (envelope). Repose is the perfect product to increase the contact area between the body and the bottom layer as much as possible. The material is breathable and temperature neutral. This creates an optimal microclimate. The unique Repose pump ensures that every device is inflated with the correct pressure. The patented 'Smart Valve' technology guarantees an internal pressure of 12 mmHg in the Repose. This is the optimum value for pressure redistribution and clinical effectiveness through slump and enclosure. The pump also serves as a packaging for Repose.

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Repose® - Standard mattress
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