Enjoy summer BBQ with aids for the elderly

Enjoy summer BBQ with aids for the elderly

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Summer is in full swing and that means time for cozy BBQs and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Summer is in full swing and that means time for cozy BBQs and enjoying the beautiful weather. Even if you need some extra support, you don't have to be left behind. At the Home Care Web Shop, you'll find a variety of helpful aids for the elderly, such as the anti-tremor cup and more, so you can effortlessly partake in a delicious BBQ and enjoy the beautiful summer weather at the same time.

Read on and discover how these smart tools can help you fully enjoy the outdoors and being with friends and family.

  1. Anti-tremor cup: Stably enjoying your favorite drink For elderly people who suffer from shaky hands, holding a drink during a BBQ can be a challenge. The anti-tremor cup is specially designed to reduce vibrations, providing extra stability. Thanks to this cup, you can enjoy a refreshing drink without spilling and confidently participate in the conversations and activities surrounding the BBQ.

  2. Custom cutlery set: Convenient and ergonomically designed Handling traditional cutlery can sometimes be difficult for people with limited hand strength or mobility problems. In the home care webshop, you will find a wide selection of custom cutlery sets specially designed to be comfortable to hold. With these ergonomic cutlery sets, you can effortlessly enjoy your favorite BBQ dishes without worrying about dropping the cutlery.

  3. Raised chair risers: comfortable seating during BBQ A comfortable seating position is essential during a BBQ. With raised chair risers, you can easily adjust the height of your chair, making getting up and sitting easier. These handy tools provide extra stability and comfort, so you can enjoy the delicious meals and lively conversations with your loved ones without any problems.

  4. Foldable rollator: Move safely and with mobility If you need some extra support when walking or want to cover longer distances during a BBQ, a foldable rollator is an excellent choice. These rollators offer stability and balance, allowing you to move with confidence. Plus, they are foldable and easy to carry, so you can use them wherever and whenever you want.

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